Release after the Follow-up Committee

We keep on top.


The Pro-Soterramiento platform (in favour of the underground stretch)wants to make a positive assessment on the climate of dialogue that predominated during this first meeting, held yesterday morning at the Government Delegation by the Follow-up Committee. We want to emphasize the good disposition shown by both the President of ADIF (Spain’s Railway Infrastructure Administration) and its technical team, including the construction company; a much appreciated gesture.


Although we applaud the ADIF‘s goodwill, we disagree with the attempts of the regional government and its related entities, to provide the provisional route with catenaries in order to allow the AVE (Spanish high speed train) to reach El Carmen train Station on surface.


We must point out that this meeting has revealed two confronted concepts, being the first defended by certain social entities, the regional and municipal government that believe that what is ‘modern’, priority, is to own and travel in an AVE, in front of those who understand that the true modernity, the priority, is the tunneling of the train tracks as it crosses Murcia with the least inconvenience to the neighbors.


Today’s meeting has shown that it was possible to start the underground works without the construction of the temporary road. From this platform it is also argued that it is possible to find suitable technical solutions with the least inconveniences to the neighbors so they don’t suffer the installation of catenaries in such provisional path. The electoral campaign of the municipal and regional government with the collaboration of some entities and professional colleges have transmitted ADIF the need that the AVE arrives in surface, offering the closing of the level crossings, replacing them by an underpass in Santiago el Mayor– we hope that not like the one in San Pío X -, accompanied of a footbridge to improve the path. In the same way, the city council offers free mobility solutions, buses and tax reductions to companies and businesses, we are not sure about the inhabitants, in order to ease the loss of benefits linked to the arrival of the AVE on surface for an estimated period that runs from two to three years (36 months).




Likewise at the meeting it was stated that the future Mediterranean corridor will pass through a buried pipe separated from the other railway circulations. We believe this represents a danger and an exceptionality to rail legislation that results incomprehensible. From this platform we have advocated, for a long time now, for a bypass to prevent Murcia from becoming a bottleneck as has been denounced by Commissioner Bulc at the latest meeting of the Corridor, since it will impede the development of the Region of Murcia. However, these considerations have been ignored by both the regional government and Chairman of the Businessmen’s Association, which for us is less surprising.


We must applaud the beginning of works; however, we do not believe that this can compensate the detriment of the southern districts, since they are being punished on the basis of a hypothetical benefit to the rest of the city, not only by such works, but by a non-justified arrival of the AVE, below ground, not underground, that can be built in a previous station, or using hybrid trains that allow to maintain the current permeability.


However, in a peaceful but persistent way, we will continue to request that this provisional route does not carry catenaries, as well as the safety documentation, plans and projects currently in force. We must remember that the complementary project that begins the underground works from the bridge of Tiñosa is not currently finished, nor has the project for the integration of the Carmen station been completed. It is not know if there will be subsequent phases including up to Nonduermas. In short, we are once more asked for an act of faith beyond the current 1.100 meters. Also, the continuity of the works of the underground railway to Nonduermas is completely out of the question, being this a place divided by the railway, waiting for the compliance with the of the 2006 Convention commitment, which was related to it as to the rest of the journey then agreed.


This Platform keeps betting for a provisional station while the underground path works are carried out, option rejected by the regional and municipal governments as well as by some business entities, while it pleads for the underground arrival of the AVE.

The Platform also wants to emphasize that it is a peaceful entity and asks the neighbors that they behave in an exemplary manner.


Murcia, 10th of October 2017.